Dominique's teaching shares a depth of practice that is profound and heartfelt. She is one of those rare beings that lives her practice and is a guide on the journey of life, as well as teaching the safest, strongest, most healing and heart opening yoga I have experienced in 25 years of practice. Her instruction is anatomically, energetically and emotionally of high integrity. My only hesitation in recommending her teaching is a purely selfish desire to keep her classes intimate and small!


“ I love working with Dominique she is an astute yoga teacher and practitioner. What makes it special is her contagious humour and respect for every individual in class to find their own pathway . The teaching is not autocratic, discipline and self mastery come about through being encouraged to challenge you're self through building knowledge of where you are in you're own practise. Dominique creates a welcoming atmosphere with a lovely class community and we are looking out over Narrabeen Lake as we practise! Its a joy point in my life rain ,hale or shine I love it.”


I have been going to Dominique's yoga classes for over a year - my golf swing has improved and I am much more flexible than I used to be. The classes are challenging but very enjoyable and blokes are welcomed and encouraged by the girls. It's good that it's not too serious and we have a few laughs.

Jon -